Blow Moulders

Blow moulding is an industrial process involved in the production of plastic bottles. It is used in the mass production of small disposable containers and other hollow shapes. The technique has been borrowed from the glass industry and adapted to suit working with plastics. As blow moulding is used in the production of consumer products such as beverages, large quantities are usually required.

A blow moulder specialising in small batch heavy wall mouldings, we can provide what you need when you need in the quantities you need it in. Here at Hadley Hargreaves we have experience in the design of technical mouldings and our capabilities extend to rotational moulding and injection moulding, among others.

As suppliers to low-volume manufacturers across multiple industries, including the marine, horticultural and construction sectors, we take a pride in the products and services we offer, ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage.

Whatever you require, we will work to your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

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