Moulding Solutions for Horticultural Businesses

STOP PRESS!!  We can offer hand sanitiser bottles in a variety of sizes from 100ml to 5litre, with a variety of tops.  Email for details.

UK Based Blow Moulder specialising in small batch, heavy wall mouldings between 1 litre and 30 litre capacity.

While we do mould some of our own products, our main business is made up of trade blow moulding, to our customers' bespoke specifications.

We mould all kinds of plastic container including windscreen washer bottles, expansion tanks, coolant tanks, fuel tanks, HVAC ducting, sprayer reservoirs, water containers, to name a few. We mould on an accumulator head machine which gives us greater control over the wall thickness and enables us to mould diffcult shapes and maintain consistent wall thickness.

We mould in a range of colours and can offer small batch sizes, with runs of 100 - 5000 units, for items between 1 litre and 30 litres capacity.This means our customers can reduce their stock holding without paying through the nose.

We have been involved in plastic moulding for over 20 years, blow moulding all sorts of tanks and containers from windscreen wash bottles through to crop sprayers, horse jumps and fuel tanks.

We work with design consultancies, rapid prototypers and end customers to ensure a high quality end product . We have access to a number of toolmakers (UK based and off shore) to translate your product concept into a moulding.

We supply a broad range of customers across a variety of markets including automotive, argicultural, horticultural, leisure, industrial and marine.

Our facility is ISO9001 accredited and we can provide full PPAP documentation if required.

Please call us on 01544 726006 to discuss your requirements and get a free quotation. We will be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form below. Please provide your telephone number and we will call you straight back. Remember, the more information you can give us about your requirements, the more we will be able to advise you when we call you back. If you can, please give us an idea of your budget, your annual production volume and, if it is a new product, your anticipated launch date. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.