Plastic Water Container Manufacturer

Plastic bottle manufacturing is a huge industry. From general purpose plastic containers to plastic containers for cold drink companies and water companies, a dedicated supplier that can provide what you need when you need it is paramount.

Are you looking to work with a new plastic water container manufacturer? Are you looking for a low-volume manufacturer?

At Hadley Hargreaves we offer fully bespoke products alongside our standard product range which consists of windscreen wash and wiper components, including bottles. Our capabilities include rotational moulding, with which we can manufacture containers of up to 2000 litres. Whatever your plastic water container requirements, we’ll do our best to meet them.

As long time suppliers to low volume manufacturers across a range of industries, we will always aim to adapt and meet your specific order needs. Design and production quality is important, and we can work with you to achieve the best results each time.

Keen to find out more? You can contact us on 01544 726006 or email