Short Run Blow Moulding

The blow moulding process is used for the production of narrow, hollow plastic containers, such as bottles. The process can be carried out manually or with the use of a machine. Blow moulding allows for fast production and is a low-cost way of making hollow shapes and forms. In addition, design possibilities are diverse. It is also possible to do short runs on products, and it can prove economical to do short runs in some cases.

Are you looking for a company with extensive experience in the design of technical mouldings? Hadley Hargreaves can meet all your requirements for blow moulding applications.

As a blow moulder specialising in small batch heavy wall mouldings, we mould our own products but we also offer trade blow moulding to individual specifications. We mould a wide range of plastic containers, including windscreen washer bottles, coolant tanks and water containers. We offer small batch sizes, with runs of 100-5000 units.

Plastic moulding is our speciality, and we supply customers across a broad range of industries, from automotive to agricultural. Whatever your specific product needs, we can meet them.

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