Blow Moulding Manufacturers

Blow moulding is a manufacturing process which produces hollow plastic parts. It is used, most commonly, in the production of plastic bottles and similar containers. Most of the items produced using the blow moulding process are made for the mass markets, meaning that production is usually required in high quantities.

Are you looking for blow moulding manufacturers? The team at Hadley Hargreaves has extensive experience in the design of technical mouldings. We work with 1 litre to 30 litre mouldings, designing and manufacturing to your specific order needs. We can also provide post-moulding operations and final assembly services.

Our capabilities are varied, and we will always customise our approach to meet your requirements. We also offer a range of standardised products, primarily for the automotive sector.

As suppliers to low-volume manufacturers across multiple industries, including the marine, horticultural and construction sectors, we take a pride in the products and services we offer, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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